Thursday, September 19, 2019

What i'm all about: rates and more!

A little about myself:
Welcome! My name is Alyssa. I take pride in taking care of your precious furry kids! Please feel free to contact me at 

Whether your pet is young, old, big, small, in need of lots of exercise, or in need of taking it easy; what your pet needs is what matters to me.

I have extensive experience giving medications, managing, training, and most importantly giving lots of love!

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, I have been taking care of pets for 9 years now.
I have 8 years of experience where I worked at "Dog Gone Happy" the best daycare in Portland!

Contact info:
What I Offer:

Walks/Play Dates:
Includes walking, running or playing. $35 a visit. 
(If it's a quick little visit you need, we can talk price of course)

All day hang out: $50
Your pup gets to come and hang out with me! It's a day of fun! Expect photos! This includes pick up and drop off.

All day hiking adventure!!-$50
This is an all day adventure
that will leave your pup happy and content! small, medium, and big dogs are all welcome! I pick up all dogs between 10:00am and 11:00am. I bring them home usually between 7:00 and 7:30pm. As always look forward to photos of our great time!

Sleep away Camp! $50 each day (this is not per night, but per each day).
Your pup comes to stay with me! I have a great big fenced in backyard, a cozy dog friendly little house and everything to make your pup feel right at home!! (this rate includes pickup and drop off)

In home care: $75 each day (this is not per night, but per each day).
Includes staying in your home overnight and keeping your dog’s schedule close to what they are used to. Rates include walks, feedings, medications, transportation and care of home (plant, mail, trash, etc.).

 I promise to give your best furry friends affection and love! I promise the best care I can give!


"I'm not sure who adores Alyssa more: my dogs, my cat, or me. I like her because she's a joy to do business with and always delivers what she promises. The cat likes her because she's gentle and kind. And the dogs like her because she's got a calming presence and is WHOO-HOO fun!"

Ketzel Lavine

"Our experience with Alyssa has been great. She is very sweet and caring with our new puppy Dixie. She also is attentive if Dixie is feeling sick or any special needs. The best part is she sends us pictures and or text messages to let us know how our pup is doing! I would recommend Alyssa to anyone."

Summer & Greg Gorski

"Our GSP puppy Huck loves playing with Alyssa. Huck has a lot of energy so it's nice to have her come over for an hour during the day to wear him out. Alyssa is sweet, reliable and a true dog lover."

Elyse Kopecky

Alyssa has been our puppy Dante’s daytime companion now for almost six months and we could not be happier. Dante is always excited to spend time with her and have some fun while we are at work. She sends us great pictures of what they are doing that day such as playing with his toys, wrestling with the cat or just hanging out together. She is honest, considerate, reasonably priced and loves dogs.  As our puppy goes through growing pains, Alyssa has been helpful with advice and reinforcing good behavior. I highly recommend her services.

Tammey Zalewski